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NVC Lighting’s 2015 LED Seminar Series gets a happy ending in Qatar


Date:March 31 2015

On March 30th NVC Lighting came to Doha, Qatar, for the perfect ending to its series of LED Technology Exchange Seminar Series in the Middle East.

NVC has a close connection with Qatar. NVC’s first office and showroom in the Middle East was opened in Doha in 2010. In the intervening 5 years, NVC has played an important role in Qatar’s lighting market, become the preferred brand for many discerning clients. 

To further enhance and consolidate the NVC brand in Qatar, we chose Qatar as the last stop for the 2015 NVC LED Technology Exchange Seminar Series and got great recognition and positive responses from local clients throughout the seminar.

NVC Seminar in Qatar

The seminar series started in Dubai alongside the FINA /NVC Diving Word Series (held at the Hamdan sports complex inDubai), and then moved on to Muscat, Riyadh, Dammam, and finally Doha. A total of 5 seminars in 4 countries. These seminars attracted more than 800 clients who benefited from informative presentations, demonstrations of new products and lively networking and discussions. 

NVC Seminar news has been published in Times of Oman

NVC Seminar news has been published in Times of Oman

NVC’s 2015 LED Seminar

NVC’s clients in Qatar

NVC has been active in the Middle East market since 2006.  Development has continued steadily and there are now 4 NVC branches and 4 distributors selling NVC products in more than 10 countries of the Middle East.  This region is not only an important market for NVC now, but it has great growth potential too.

In the next few years NVC will continue to reinforce its brand in the Middle East with investment in people, products and facilities, with the aim of becoming one of the region’s top-10 lighting companies in 3-5 years.

Thanks to the loyal support of all NVC’s clients, and to their dedicated teams throughout the region, there is a bright future here for NVC Lighting.