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NVC Lighting – Developing fast in Saudi Arabia


Date:March 23 2015

Saudi Arabia was the third stop for NVC’s series of Technology Exchange Seminars. As one of the largest countries in Middle East, Saudi Arabia has great potential as a market for NVC’s lighting products.  Sure enough, having entered the Saudi market in 2011 NVC’s business has grown strongly, supplying several important lighting projects. Many customers have used NVC lighting products again and again – a sure sign that NVC is meeting a market need. 


NVC Seminar in Saudi Arabia

NVC Seminar in Saudi Arabia

NVC organized two seminars in Saudi Arabia, first in Riyadh, the capital, on March 25, and then in Damam, Saudi Arabia’s second port and a major industrial centre, on March 29.  In view of their massive market potential, NVC has an office, a showroom and a warehouse in both cities, offering not only readily available stock, but experienced lighting advice and after-sales support too.

Both Technology Exchange Seminars were very well attended with a total of over 400   local clients listening to informative presentations and joining in with some lively discussions. 

The seminars were designed to pass on to NVC’s clients important information on LED technology and to introduce some of NVC's latest products.

Judging from the many comments made afterwards, NVC’s local clients have a growing confidence in their products and are likely to continue to be loyal customers on future lighting projects.

Chinese Commercial Attache Mr. Zhao showed great interest in NVC products

NVC UK Marketing manager James introduced NVC

ETI LED Innovation Lab deputy director Bruce Zhuang explained how to identify good quality LED products

NVC Oversea Dept. general manager Alex Xu introduced some new NVC LED products

Networking and discussion continued long after the formal presentations