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NVC LED Technology Exchange Seminar successfully held in Jakarta


Date:June 18 2015

In the evening of May 19, 2015 in Jakarta, NVC had successfully held its first LED Technology Exchange Seminar forSoutheast Asia area in Kempinski Hotel. The event had attracted more than two hundreds of local clients attended which include national well-known developers, contractors, architects, designers, hotel owners and local NVC distributors.

Marketing Manager of NVC UK: NVC grows rapidly in oversea markets

  As the opening of the seminar, the Marketing Manager of NVC UK, James Hunter Johnston introduced the development history of NVC and its current operation scale in China and in global market. James emphasized that the strong product support, resource integration and ability to provide one-stop services are the three key factors contribute to NVC’s rapid growth in oversea markets.

  In addition, NVC has paid more attention to the emerging markets. A large number of experienced staffs have been sent to overseas to cooperate with the local distributors so that ensured the business expanding smoothly. The market share has been increased dramatically in Indonesia and Middle East region in recent years.

NVC has become the key lighting supplier for Holiday Inn in Saudi Arabia 

General Manager of NVC Overseas Dept. Alex Xu: Brand is the key to win projects; Ability is the essence to get praise

  Afterwards, Alex Xu presented NVC's typical International projects to the guests and analyzed the reasons why customers chose NVC.

  Due to the strong capability to provide comprehensive lighting solutions, NVC has been performing very well in commercial lighting, office lighting, and outdoor lighting areas in recent years. NVC had won many international projects such like hotels, shopping malls, chain stores, houses, office, and sports centers in the areas of Middle East, Brazil,Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa etc.

  It is worth to mention that, NVC has been continuously exploiting in new markets and embracing new challenges due to the belief in sport spirits which are perpetually desire to improve and self-break. That’s why NVC actively participates in various world major sport events nowadays.

NVC Dealer: NVC brings me the new opportunities; Energy-efficient products are warmly welcomed by customers

  As the last part of the seminar, Mr. Iwan Gunawan (the NVC distributor in Yogyakarta) indicated that he has won more than 50 projects since started to be a partner of NVC at the end of 2013. During the one and half years, he supplied to about 30 hotel projects (10 of them are five-star hotels), 5 shopping malls include the largest one in central Java, and about 20 high class villa projects.

Sherton Hotel in Yogyakarta

  Mr. Iwan Gunawan told the guests that beside the support from the local NVC Indonesia team, NVC’s high-quality green energy-saving products and fast response service are the two most determinant factors to his achievements. 


NVC Dealer in Yogyakarta, Iwan Gunawan.

  Rely on NVC’s great advantage, Iwan Gunawan was confidently said he aim to double the projects number in 2015 to enhance the brand reputation of NVC in central Java and Indonesia, and to bring green energy-saving products and lighting services to more customers.  

NVC UK Marketing Manager , James(left 1)and NVC GM of Overseas Dept. Alex Xu (left 2) communicate with Iwan Gunawan(right 1), the NVC Dealer in Yogyakarta