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Date:November 12 2015


NLED950* Series IP44 Down Light. This high performance LED downlighter offers a choice of 3000K/4000K/6000K color temperatures to suit various applications. Plastic coated aluminum housing, good heat dissipation, Integrated design, compact structure, professional driver box for easy installation.

It is also sealed to IP44 as standard to make it suitable for use in bathrooms without the need for separate attachments. The housing is shaped like a ship’s sails or a shell, inspired by The Sydney Opera House, novel and unique.


NVC-designed professional ultrathin down light--NLED940*Series direct-emitting down light. 2.3cm distance between chips and diffuser, deliver an even light output without visible dots. Die-casting finished, high standard workmanship, no light leak.

For general Commercial and office lighting, customers want to capture the benefits professional ultrathin down light has to offer ---high-impact design, stable performance with visual comfort.




NLED4810--Multifunctional LED T8 batten.

Batten+External driver+ LED tube (without build-in driver)

Batten+LED tube (with build-in driver)

Can be used in flexible and diversified forms, multiple structures and installation modes, multiple functions and multiple applications.

At only 39 mm in height, it is ideal for new constructions or renovations where the space between the ceiling and the slab is limited. Low cost, easy maintenance and energy saving.