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NVC Lighting Cooperated with Brazil Green Party to Hold an Architecture Seminar in Sao Paulo


Date:October 27 2015

The attendees

Sao Paulo ,September 2015---In September 2015, the Design Na Brasa Seminar was held in Sao Paulo National Hall. The event was organized by Brazil Green Party and sponsored by NVC Lighting. This seminar has designed for sharing experience and communicating ideas in architecture.

The seminar has attracted more than150 architects from all over the country, 8 mayors and about 20 related government officers from Sao Paulo. The vice-CEO of NVC-Mr. Tan Ying(Right 2), the general manager of NVC Brazil-Mr. Wang Hongxiang(left 1), the Vice-President of the Bank of China(Brazil)-Mr. Zhang Guanghua(right 1), the vice-governor of Sao Paulo-Mr. Marcio Franca(Right 5) and the chairman of Brazi Green Party-Mr. Jose Luis Penna(Right 4) also presented in this seminar.


  The vice-CEO of NVC, Mr. Tan Ying(the left picture right 1) communicated with attendees

 In the seminar, the vice-CEO of NVC-Mr. Tan Ying introduced the business scale, products and service of NVC Lighting, and Mr. Tan also discussed the development of Brazil lighting market and the further cooperation with mayors and other attendees.

  NVC Lighting entered Brazil market in 2010, and then established NVC Brazil subsidiary in 2013. In this event, NVC Lighting and Sao Paulo government has reached to an agreement in accelerating the process of replacing the traditional street lights with LED lights in local districts.